My Best Christmas Ever

My earliest memory is of age two. I found something that looked like the spring inside of a ballpoint pen, only the ends were straight and long. I stretched the spring, wrapped it around my middle finger, and stuck both ends in an electrical socket. It was my first experiment. The spring turned red-hot, burned into my finger and disintegrated. I still have the scar. In looking at my chart astrologically, this probably took place approximately a month and a half before I turned three.

Natally I have Cancer rising with Saturn and the Moon conjunct in the 1st House in Leo with the Moon also conjunct Pluto, two minutes into the 2nd House. I wanted you to know this before I begin my story.

When I was five I was just beginning to learn the importance of Christmas and Santa Clause. I understood the possibility of actually getting what I wanted for Christmas if I wrote to Santa and sent him my Christmas list. I remember laying on my living room floor and asking my mom how to spell just about every word I printed. I’m not sure if I’m right about the number, but from what I can remember I had eighteen things on my list; one was a box of crayons, another was a coloring book and another was a bird in a cage.

About six weeks after that Christmas I turned six. Astrologically about two and a half months after Christmas my Solar Arc Moon would perfect the conjunction to my 2nd cusp, then to my natal Pluto. I was already experiencing these aspects. Solar Arc aspects tend to be effective a year before and a year after the perfection of the aspect. Secondary progression tends to show the progression of your life, while Solar Arc tends to show the events, although neither is exclusive to one or the other.

After I got my list completed I got another sheet of paper and this time, not hurried by my mom’s quick spelling, reprinted my letter and list as neatly as I could, placed the letter in an envelope, and addressed it to Santa Clause, North Pole. Being my mother’s 1st child, she must’ve enjoyed fulfilling everything on my list, especially since most of them cost a lot less than a dollar. That was my best Christmas ever! I got everything on my list. I even checked everything off from my original sloppy letter to Santa that I saved. There was one glitch. I got my bird in a cage but it was a plastic bird in a plastic and wire cage that you could wind up and the bird would move and chirp. Half crying, I went to my mom and said, “I wanted a real bird in a real cage.” My mom replied with, “Did you tell Santa you wanted a real bird in a real cage?” In a half crying voice I answered, “No.” “Well” she replied, “you should’ve told that to Santa.” I got everything I asked for, but not the bird in a cage that I meant.

There were a lot of aspects by secondary progression and solar arc that told the story of my best Christmas, but my solar arc Moon conjoined with my 2nd cusp and Pluto explains my bird in a cage. Any aspect to or from Pluto good or bad always carries some kind of complication, something that needs to be corrected or explained. I simply never got my bird in a cage corrected. I recently found another plastic bird in a wire and plastic cage in a store. I bought it. This one is better; it’s battery operated and sound activated and it reminds me of my best Christmas ever!