Biography of Gilbert Navarro

Gilbert Navarro is the 1st of four born, to Myrianne Ledesma, an amateur astrologer. Gilbert was born in San Francisco, California, February 4, 1947. His birth certificate gave a birthtime of 3:35; Ivy Jacobson rectified his birthtime to 3:33:48 pm, the birthtime he uses. Gilbert grew up in Southern California, later in Northern California. At the age of 32 he moved to Alabama for a year and a half and has been living at his present location in Maryland for the last 30 years.

Gilbert has been a professional astrologer for 40 years. He was educated in natal and horary astrology by Ivy M. Goldstein-Jacobson. Gilbert has been on the faculty of every AFA convention since 1978. Gilbert is the creator of the Gilbert Navarro Course in Horary Astrology with students throughout the world. Gilbert was also the co-creator, along with Mary E. Shea, of the annual date book, the Good Days Action Planning Guide for eighteen years. The date book is no longer in print. Gilbert holds many certificates of honor including an honorary degree from the Institute of Psychic Development, Caracas, Venezuela. Gilbert is an ATM in Toastmasters International and a member of the Lions Club International.

Gilbert has not lectured to any groups or organizations except AFA Conventions since 1999. He has lectured for the AFA because of a request by, and promise made to, Ivy M. Goldstein-Jacobson. He has devoted most of the last 10 years to research in unexplored areas of astrology and horary astrology and is now organizing his research to be disseminated in print, other forms of media, such as CD’s DVD’s or on line and through resuming a casual relationship with Matrix Software.