How I Learned About Horary Astrology

When I was a child, because of my mother, astrology was a prominent part of my life. I never considered my mother an astrologer until I became an astrologer myself, and met many astrologers that were less versed in astrology than my mother. I realized that she was an astrologer, or at the very least she deserved to be considered one by me. She just never called herself one. I grew up knowing that there was validity to astrology, but felt that most of it was a "cop-out". My mother used astrology to give herself astrological permission to do what she wanted and blamed astrology for what she couldn't do or have. I felt that astrology was basically used by the weak.

I first contacted Mrs. Jacobson at a time when I was feeling very weak. I was trying to find answers for myself from the book, WRITE YOUR OWN HOROSCOPE, by Joseph F. Goodavage. In the back of his book he listed a limited list of astrologers around the country. Ivy M. Goldstein-Jacobson was one of the astrologers in his list. I called her because she was the closest astrologer listed in his list and also because her phone number was listed in the phone book. I called her and asked her to do my chart. She insisted that I mail her my natal information. It annoyed me that she wouldn't take my natal information over the phone, but I agreed.

Not knowing my birth time, I called my mother to ask her. She said she didn't remember it, but said it was in the afternoon and said it was correct on my birth certificate, because she made sure they listed the correct time. Since I wanted my chart done right away and didn't want to wait to get my birth certificate, I made up a birth time of 1:02 p.m. When Mrs. Jacobson did my chart that time put Uranus right on my ascendant. We discussed my chart, and she did help me through some difficult times. After a time she asked me to study astrology with her. She explained she would furnish me with all the text I would need at no cost to me. I politely declined her offer. She insisted that I would become an astrologer, but I had other plans for my life. As we came to know each other more and more we became very close. It wasn't uncommon for us to spend 3 hours on the phone, each of us talking about very personal details of our lives. One evening I said something about my life and she said your natal chart couldn’t be correct. "Why." I said. "Because that couldn't have happened to you, if your natal chart was correct. I'm going to have to rectify your natal chart." I asked her "What does that mean?" She explained to me that rectification was when an astrologer took some of the history of the person's life and worked in reverse to find out the exact time of that person's birth. I found that incredible and took it as a challenge. I gave her the information she wanted, part of it was the date of my marriage. I then wrote to Sacramento, California's state capitol, to obtain a copy of my birth certificate. I first received a copy of my rectified natal chart from Mrs. Jacobson. She rectified my natal birth time to 3:33:48 p.m. About 2 days later, I received a copy of my birth certificate and it listed my birth time as 3:35 p.m. Her rectified birth time differed by 1 minute and 12 seconds. I was impressed, but still cocky, I indicated to her that she was off by that 1 minute and 12 seconds. Now I know that it could be my birth certificate that’s off by 1 minute and 12 seconds. I use her rectified birthtime for my natal chart. Now that we had a new natal chart to discuss, she told me that I wouldn't just become an astrologer; I would become a Horary Astrologer. That was the 1st time I ever heard of Horary Astrology. When she explained to me what horary astrology is. She said that everything has a birthtime, not only a person, but a thing, a possession, a city, a country, an idea and even a question. When a question is posed for the first time, that time, date and place can be used to set a chart that will answer that question. I said: “And it’ll answer the question correctly?” She replied: “If the astrologer reads the chart correctly.” I simply found that too incredible to be believed but I didn’t tell her. She became too dear to me to tell her I didn’t believe she knew what she was talking about.

One evening, during one of our marathon phone calls, we were discussing a high school friend and during the discussion I exclaimed: "Do you think I'll ever see him again?" She said "Well, that's a horary question." I asked her if she would do it and she agreed. This became my very first horary question. Some days later I received a special delivery letter from her. In it was the answer to my horary question and more. The letter had a lot of typing on it with astrological jargon. Too impatient to attempt to understand it I called her to tell her I got her chart and letter. She explained that yes, I would see my friend again, but it would be many years from now. I would go to a big area, possibly a building with a lot of people in it. He would be with a group of people and the meeting would be a total chance encounter that would happen without warning. From that same horary chart, Mrs. Jacobson indicated, that I would soon have a death in my family, a female. In panic I said: "It's not my daughter." "No." she said. She told me that the death would be in around 90 days. It was a member of my family and was an older woman who loved me very much. She said her death would not be a lingering one but would come sudden and without warning. She also told me that just before her death she would legalize a 7th House union. I asked her what that meant. She replied, “The most likely possibility is that she’ll get married. As we continued to talk she told me that this death would cause a major change in my life. She recommended that I not tell anyone. Mrs. Jacobson's description led me to believe that if she was right the only woman that seemed to fit what she said was my mother.

Mrs. Jacobson lived in the next town, northwest of where I lived. My aunt, my mother's younger sister, lived in the next town, northeast of where I lived. I called my aunt, on the phone, and told her that my astrologer told me mom was going to die. Not allowing me to give her any details, she became very angry with me and told me she never wanted to hear me talk about astrology again and she hung up in anger. I didn't tell anyone else.

As time passed Mrs. Jacobson's prediction became less believable and almost forgetful. Ninety days passed and nothing happened. One hundred days passed and nothing happened. One hundred and seventeen days later, my aunt, whom I called on the phone, died. She decided to marry her common law husband of about 20 years. She married him and died on her honeymoon of tetanus, sudden and without warning. My aunt did love me, as I did her, she was my legal guardian for 3 years, during my early teens and I was very close to her before and after she was my guardian.

I was amazed that a horary chart could not only answer the question for which it was cast, but could give other, unrelated information. Mrs. Jacobson explained to me that the reason unrelated information could be found in a horary chart was because a horary chart was like the most up-to-date progressed chart you could have. The more important an upcoming event is the more it stood out in a horary chart. I believe Mrs. Jacobson told me of the death to test me, and I believe I failed the test. Mrs. Jacobson not only convinced me that Horary Astrology was a completely valid part of Astrology, but convinced me that a Horary Astrologer was what I wanted to be. I agreed to take her course in Natal Astrology. As my learning proceeded, I began to collect other astrology books besides hers. Specifically, the two that I would refer to, to her, was the A TO Z HOROSCOPE MAKER AND DELINEATOR, by Llewellyn and MESSAGE OF THE STARS, By Heindel. I would argue points with her, because Llewellyn and/or Heindel differed from her, after all, in my mind, these were famous astrologers and she was only a nice little old lady that lived near me. She would beg me, to no avail, to simply accept her method. This went on for about 2 years, during that time, I came to deeply respect her skill and respect her as a person. One evening while discussing astrology, because of Llewellyn and Heindel we differed on a house rulership; I believe it was what house ruled the mother. She insisted only the 10th House ruled the mother and begged me to just accept her method for a time and see how it worked for me. I agreed, but not in earnest, I agreed to simply stop her plea. As the days passed, I thought more and more about our conversation and decided to try, just using her method. Every time any other method disagreed with hers, I would only accept hers. Astrology began to fall in place for me, and I began to see myself improve. Mrs. Jacobson’s methods worked with every horary chart and it wasn’t long that her textbooks became the only textbooks I would use and still use as of this writing forty years later.

About 6 years into my journey as an astrologer I met Marc Edmund Jones. I was with a group of young cocky astrologers to which I fit in perfectly. One of them asked: "Mr. Jones, what's the best advice you could give us young astrologers, just starting out." He thought for a time and said: "Find one method, and stick to it." This was the advice that Mrs. Jacobson had repeatedly given me and now that I'm an older astrologer that too is the most important advice I could give you and since you’re reading this, my suggestion is that you use Mrs. Jacobson's and my method. As of this writing, I've been a professional astrologer for more than 40 years and in all those years, with the exception of the first couple of years; I've never read another horary book, except Mrs. Jacobson's SIMPLIFIED HORARY ASTROLOGY. There was a time when I was embarrassed of that fact. Over the years I’ve met many astrologers who boast that they’ve read every horary book they could get their hands on, yet they seem to have no skill in the craft. I've come to take pride in the fact that I only know Jacobson’s books. I know of no other method accept Mrs. Jacobson's method and any of my work that differs from her method has come from my own experience in Horary Astrology; some of it, we mutually agreed needed to be changed. Mrs. Jacobson lived 97 years; I knew her, her last 20 years. She is the best astrologer, I'm sure; I have and will ever come to know.

Oh! I saw my high school friend again, a little over 29 years after that question was posed. I saw him when the planet Saturn returned to the exact place, to the degree, where Saturn was when I posed my first horary question. I saw my friend almost 9 years after Mrs. Jacobson died. I wish I could have told her how right she was when she answered my first horary question.